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Fundamentals of Meditation

This 5-week class (formerly called Introduction to Meditation) provides a well-balanced introduction to the benefits of meditation and its spiritual aspect as well. Discussions and practical exercises will help you find the inner peace and clearer self-understanding that result from regular meditation. Ample time is devoted to discussing your specific needs, interests and readiness. The course includes a one-day retreat at Hill House in Plymouth, MA (optional but highly recommended).

This class is next offered starting April 5, 2017. Class meets for five Wednesdays, 7 to 9:30 pm, and includes an optional daylong workshop at our retreat house in Plymouth. This class is offered at no cost.*

A progressive series of in-class exercises and between-class practices allows you to:

  • Clarify your goals for meditation.
  • Help your mind come to rest.
  • Increase mental concentration.
  • Find your most comfortable physical posture for meditation.
  • Experience the emotional and spiritual benefits of inner practice.
  • Discover the possibilities for profound changes in mental clarity, peace of mind and sense of purpose.

This preparatory class brings meditation into your life by offering a variety of meditative experiences and practices. We make the practice of meditation easy and successful while presenting the spiritual tradition from which Advaita meditation is derived. We will help you master the practices that support deep meditation. 

This course can be followed up with our Mantra Meditatation class, which is also offered at no cost.

*It is traditional in Advaita Vedanta that meditation is offered to anyone with a keen interest and readiness to take on the practice. For that reason, and because we believe strongly in the value and importance of meditation, as of January 2014 we are offering Introduction to Meditation and Mantra Meditation courses, with initiation, free of charge. Students who complete the courses and are instructed in the mantra practice are welcome to make a donation to the Center if they wish.


  • Schedule: N/A (please check back soon for an updated schedule)
  • Fee: As of Jan. 2014, we are offering this class free of charge.

For more information on meditation classes, please contact us at 781-647-0020 or

“Questions have been answered, leading to larger questions. My world has kept expanding.”
A.W., Salem, MA