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Nonduality and Meditation


Nonduality and Meditation offers an introduction to the philosophy and practice of Advaita Vedanta. Through discussion and practical exercises, including instruction in meditation, the course invites participants to examine closely their experience of body, mind, and the world; to refine the attention and understanding; and so to lay the groundwork for awakening to the one Self in all.

Our new Saturday morning class runs from 9:00  to 11:15 am (including a twenty-minute refreshment break) for eleven weeks. Participants are given brief readings and exercises each week, and are invited to share their responses and experiences in class.



For more information on meditation classes, please contact us at 781-647-0020 or

“The center has given me 15 years of reliable guidance and support in the search for truth and inner peace.”
C.G., Sudbury, MA