Learning to Meditate at the Advaita Meditation Center

Meditation clarifies the mind, opens the heart and encourages a spiritual path. By strengthening mindfulness and producing inner stillness, this ancient practice can also dramatically enhance the way you experience daily life.

Our central practice is a mantra meditation (meditating on a silent, repeated sound), which is particularly easy and effective for most people. The deepest forms of Advaita meditation can lead to self-discovery and the experience of freedom and unity.

You can begin to explore meditation at our weekly Open Meditation meetings on Wednesday evenings throughout the year and in our five-week Fundamentals of Meditation course. We introduce participants to meditation in a number of forms, beginning with simple exercises to focus attention and expand awareness.

For those who have completed our Fundamentals of Meditation course or who have other meditation experience, we offer a follow-up, seven-week course in Mantra Meditation, which includes initiation into our mantra meditation practice.

It is traditional in Advaita Vedanta that meditation is offered to anyone with a keen interest and readiness to take on the practice. For that reason, and because we believe strongly in the value and importance of meditation, as of January 2014 we are offering Fundamentals of Meditation and Mantra Meditation courses, with initiation, free of charge. Participants who complete the courses and are instructed in the mantra practice are welcome to make a donation to the Center if they wish.

For those who have completed Mantra Meditation, we offer a series of eleven-week courses that provide a fuller understanding of the practice of meditation and Advaita Vedanta. Many find that continuing study with a group helps to sustain and deepen their practice. There is a fee for these courses.

We also offer weekend meditation retreats at our lakeside property in Plymouth, Massachusetts, several times a year.

For more information on meditation classes, please contact us at 781-647-0020 or info@advaitameditation.org.

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A.N., Cambridge, MA