Advaita Overview

If you’re a first-time visitor to our website, you may be wondering what Advaita () is about. Here is a simple definition: Advaita is a philosophical and spiritual tradition of self-realization.

At the heart of Advaita is the concept of unity. The Sanskrit word Advaita means "not two," or nondual. This philosophy asserts that there is something essentially good, intelligent and awake in each of us—and that that something is no different from the essence of this creation.

Advaita’s approach is fundamentally experiential. With guidance, practice and self-examination, you can experience deep peace and connect to the love and consciousness that underlie everything.

Four Key Points

  • Advaita is our foundation. It serves as the basis for our philosophical and meditation teachings and practices at the Advaita Meditation Center.
  • Advaita is practical. This 3,000-year-old tradition still presents clear, proven and useful guidance for living an effective and fulfilling life.
  • Advaita transcends a religious framework. It is a philosophical and spiritual tradition of self-exploration and self-discovery.
  • Advaita can lead to complete self-realization. In other words, Advaita can lead to a full and blissful experience of the fundamental unity of consciousness that exists within oneself and in all human beings.

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“Learning the concepts and practical steps stemming from Advaita has helped me function more effectively.”
L.B., Lincoln, MA