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Recommended Books

Meditation, Its Theory and Practice

(by Hari Prasad Shastri): A short, sweet and accurate introduction to the basics of mediation, with both practical and theoretical explanations in an encouraging style. Published by Shanti Sadan, London, ISBN 0-85484-006-3. Available directly from the publisher.

Meditation and Its Practices

(by Swami Adiswarananda): This book, by a qualified teacher in the Ramakrishna lineage, is a straightforward explanation of meditation from the Yoga and Vedanta traditions. Most importantly, the work expresses traditional and reliable views of Advaita and Yoga in a direct and practical manner. Published by Skylight Paths Publishing, ISBN 1-893361-83-7, and available from Barnes & Noble.

Silence as Yoga

(by Swami Paramananda): A classic evocation of the power of silence and its importance to meditative practice. Six short but potent chapters. Published by Vedanta Centre Publishers, Cohasset, Mass., ISBN 0-911564-11. Available from Vedanta Press and Catalog.

Concentration and Meditation

(by Swami Paramananda): Another helpful work on meditation by Swami Paramananda, this book is persuasive, encouraging, brief and practical. Published by Vedanta Centre Publishers, Cohasset, Mass., no ISBN number. Available from Vedanta Press and Catalog.

Meditation in Shankara’s Vedanta

(by Jonathan Bader): This short, well-researched academic treatise on the forms of meditation taught by Shankara and his views regarding yoga — all based on newly available manuscripts — will be of great interest to anyone who meditates in the Vedanta tradition. Published in 1990 by South Asia Books, ISBN 81-85179-51-4. Often out of print. Try used booksellers and wait for a reasonably priced copy. May also be available from Vedic Books or AbeBooks.

Meditation for Dummies

(by Stephan Bodian): This is quite well done and particularly good at demystifying for and explaining things to the beginning meditator. It makes benefiting from meditation seem simple and possible. Includes an instructional CD. Generally available.

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