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Enlightenment The Path Through the Jungle

(by Dennis Waite): One of the United Kingdom's most influential and traditional Advaitins, Waite lays out the difficult topic of how Advaita should be taught in the West. He details the assumptions and methods of the traditional, satsang and Neo-Advaitin approaches, clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of each. Essential reading. Published by O Books, ISBN 978-1-84694-118-4. Available from Amazon.

Being The Teaching of Advaita, A Basic Introduction

(by Philip Jacobs): This brief and eloquent introduction to Advaita is the work of a senior member of The Study Society in London who is well-versed in Advaita's theory and practice. He unfolds Advaita in short, topical chapters, each supplemented liberally with rewarding quotes from a variety of spiritual authorities. Published by The Study Society (, ISBN 0-9547939-6-X. Available directly from the publisher.

Back to the Truth, 5000 Years of Advaita

(by Dennis Waite): This is a comprehensive treatise on Advaita for experienced Advaitins, as well as for those whose initial interest has led to a desire for a comprehensive review of the principles underlying this remarkable philosophy. The text is lucid, the references relevant and wide-ranging, and the overall effect expansive and clarifying. Published by O Books, ISBN 1905047614. Available from Amazon.

Advaita Vedanta, a Philosophical Reconstruction

(by Eliot Deutsch): A sympathetic Western academic's summary of the philosophical premises of Advaita. A dense but rewarding read. Published by the University of Hawaii Press, ISBN 0-8248-0271-3. Available from Barnes & Noble.

A Shankara Source Book

(compiled and translated by A.J. Alston): A six-volume compendium of Shankara's thought and writings, this work is the single best reference work for the English-speaking scholar of Advaita. Clearly written and extensively documented. The six volumes are: Shankara on the Absolute, Shankara on Creation, Shankara on the Soul, Shankara on Rival Views, Shankara on Discipleship and Shankara on Enlightenment. Published by Shanti Sadan, London, ISBN 0-85424-055-1. Available directly from the publisher.

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