About Our Classes

We host an assortment of events at our two venues: Worcester House, a historic building in Waltham, Massachusetts; and Hill House, our retreat center on Halfway Pond in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We hope you’ll check out our meditation and other course descriptions. Here’s what you can expect when you take part in some of our courses and activities.

Introductory Classes

Held weekly at Worcester House in Waltham. Once everyone has gathered, a brief period of silence allows the busy-ness of the day to subside. Class often begins with a short meditation period. A practice, topic or short text may be presented, followed by a group discussion based on your questions and experiences from the preceding week.

There is a refreshment break midway through class, when participants meet and enjoy food, drinks and conversation.

Open Meditation Evenings

Held Wednesday evenings at Worcester House, Waltham. Beginners and experienced meditators alike are welcome. The evening begins with a brief introduction to the center and comments on meditation, followed by a reading or two. We then continue with a period of meditation. After meditation, there is time for discussion and questions. The evening concludes with the opportunity to join other students for a refreshment break (around 8:30).

Weekend Retreats

At Hill House, our retreat center in the outskirts of Plymouth. Retreats usually begin Friday evening and continue through to Sunday, ending late morning or early afternoon. Your retreat leader will provide you with specific details ahead of time. The weekend often starts with an opportunity to meet with the retreat leader and other participants for introductions and a preview of the weekend’s schedule.

Small classes alternate with periods of practice or attentive work, and free time to rest, socialize, pursue study privately, explore the grounds, and—in warmer months—swim. Meals are vegetarian. Everyone is invited to help in meal preparation and to tidy the building before leaving.

Note: These retreats are open to current and former students of the Advaita Meditation Center who meditate, as well as those receiving initiation into mantra meditation.

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We welcome your questions about what to expect at center events. Please contact us at 781-647-0020 or info@advaitameditation.org.

“How do you stay calm in this busy life? The center has given me the tools to do just that.”
L.G., Nashua, NH