Learning to Meditate at the Advaita Meditation Center

Meditation clarifies the mind, opens the heart and leads to spiritual growth. By strengthening mindfulness and producing inner stillness, this ancient practice can also dramatically enhance the way you experience daily life.

Our central practice is a mantra meditation (meditating on a silent, repeated sound), which is particularly easy and effective for most people. The deepest forms of Advaita meditation can lead to self-discovery and the experience of freedom and unity.

We offer an introductory course, Nonduality and Meditation, Wednesday evenings. This class introduces participants to the philosophy of nonduality, or Advaita Vedanta, as well as meditation in a number of forms, beginning with simple exercises to focus attention and expand awareness. The course includes a one-day retreat at our property in Plymouth, Massachusetts, as well as instruction in our mantra meditation practice.

For those who have been initiated into mantra meditation, we offer ongoing courses that provide a fuller understanding of the practice of meditation and Advaita Vedanta, as well as weekend meditation retreats in Plymouth several times a year. Many find that continuing study with a group helps to sustain and deepen their practice.

If you prefer a drop-in activity that is less formal, you can explore meditation at our weekly Open Meditation meetings, on Wednesday evenings, throughout the year. These meetings are free of charge, although donations are welcome.

For more information on meditation classes, please contact us at 781-647-0020 or info@advaitameditation.org.

“I've kept coming to the center to be with good company and to keep the momentum of seeking the truth.”
C.W., Salem, MA