Sanskrit & Other Classes

The Advaita Meditation Center offers a variety of Sanskrit classes for different levels of experience. These classes delve into Advaita philosophy and complementary traditions, as well as the beauty and intricacies of the language itself.

  • Intermediate Sanskrit Grammar: This class begins with chapter 17 of the Deshpande text.
  • Upanishad Study: This class requires basic understanding of the Sanskrit language. We will study and chant verses from the principle Upanishads.
  • Conversational Sanskrit: This course teaches the basics of conversational Sanskrit.
  • Introduction To Sanskrit: Enjoy sounding or chanting the Sanskrit alphabet and short sutras, and learn to write the individual letters and how they combine to generate Sanskrit words and simple sentences.
  • Beginning Sanskrit Grammar: Chapters 2-3 of “A Sanskrit Grammar” by Deshpande and other texts
  • Panini Study: A study of Sanskrit grammar based on the legendary grammarian Pāṇini, using the abbreviated version of his Ashtadyāyī, the Laghusiddhanta-Kaumudi

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